LMD Retail Systems was founded in 2001 and operates with a small but highly efficient staff with great experience in the technology and administrative fields of the retail business.  At LMD, everyone works hard to provide its customers not only with the software and hardware systems fully operational, but also with ideas to achieve the maximum results from their investments.

LMD was created not only with a business in mind, but also to be a great partner of the fast growing Retail & Hospitality communities in the tri-state area, and to support the education and best training practices of it owners, managers and personnel in the quest for a better retail business management. 

Our Vision

To provide the BEST support services possible always customer oriented and very committed in continuously seeking to upgrade our knowledge of the industry’s ever changing technology advances, and improve our mutual benefits.


Latest News & Events

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    ECRS releases Dash...

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    SILVER POS for Small Business

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