LMD Retail Systems


ERS® offers the most powerful mobile POS solution on the market today with fully functioning Catapult® point of sale softwarerunning on a tablet that can be used during high traffic periods to power through a busy crowd of customers. Simply scan the customer’s items or select items from an auto-generated item menu. Transactions can be tendered to credit or suspended and resumed at a cashier lane or self service payment station. Receipts can be printed on a wireless belt printer or emailed to the customer.Mobile POS App

Catapult Mobile POS functionality is fully system integrated and provides the security of P2P encryption for electronic payment authorizations (when used according to ECRS best practices). The Signature Capture Application provides the ability to capture signatures directly on the Mobile POS touch screen. SCA uses a secure “mode” that locks the consumer out of POS, and lets the cashier access POS with a sequence of taps once the signature has been captured.

Docking/Undocking Synchronization

With Catapult Transaction Server, ECRS provides complete automated docking and undocking peripheral synchronization. This allows cashiers to easily use the mobile POS as a wireless tablet or a docked workstation depending on the environment and need.

Features & Benefits – Software

  • Seamlessly redundant POS, allowing the mobile device to automatically transition from online to offline and back to online,  as the user transitions in-and-out of WI-fi range.
  • Does not require special integration, uses standard CATAPULT software
  • Pay by credit or suspend and resume
  • Mobile POS comes available with P2P encryption for card processing security (with approved payment processors)
  • Intuitive Consumer Signature Capture Application (SCA) for credit and Rx transactions, HIPAA compliant
  • Receipts can be emailed, stored within the customer’s account, or printed via the optional wireless printer
  • Operates with RX Server, great for pharmacy drive-thrus or when pharmacy lines get backed up
  • Operates with CATAPULT Membership Server (CMS) for membership management
  • Seamless docking/undocking peripheral synchronization

Examples of Retail Use Cases

  • Enables cashiers to check out customers from various places inside the store, alleviating long lines during peak periods, adding more personalized service, and providing customer convenience
  • Allows customer checkouts during sidewalk sales or other special events
  • Convenient for pharmacy drive-thru transactions
  • Provides faster thru-put in food/beverage service areas, especially when used with Catapult’s remote Kitchen Printing functaionality

Mobile POS Hardware

ECRS currently uses the retail-rugged HP Elite Pad 1000 for its Catapult Mobile POS application. The HP Elite Pad offers 4GB RAM, 128 EMMC,  and 4G connectivity with popular carriers. The accompanying integrated retail sleeve provides a barcode scanner and Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR). Also available are a HP Retail Expansion Dock and Elite pad charging station.

A mobile receipt printer is available as an accessory option.

Because a strong network connection is required for optimal performance, ECRS will provide users with best practices for secure, reliable connectivity.