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The ECRS CATAPULT point-of-sale solution is the starting gate for complete retail enterprise automation.  CATAPULT's class-leading touchscreen technology, combined with hundreds of customizable display options, make both the cashier and customer checkout experience simple, fast, secure, and accurate. The data processed through the point-of-sale provides information that fuels hundreds of reports and state-of-the-art analytic tools available with CATAPULT Back Office functionality. This data, collected from real-time sales activity, provides the visibility you need to run your business effectively on a daily basis. You can plan staff schedules based on sales data from previous years and shopping patterns, create promotions based on sales trends, track customer membership, gain insight into vital financial information, and automate your inventory management. Not only does this means countless hours saved from tedious manual labor, but it also means bottom line growth by maximizing store resources, enhancing customer service, and preventing loss from inventory and pricing errors. CATAPULT also links with other ECRS solutions, such as Supplier Gateway™, using LogicSync™ business logic technology to improve overall enterprise performance.



CATAPULT Keeps Your Business Up & Running

CATAPULT is the one software solution you can trust to keep your store checking out customers quickly and efficiently hour after hour, day after day. After many years of design and development, ECRS has perfected true POS data redundancy. RegisterGuard™ was designed with you, the retailer, in mind. If the local network stops working, each CATAPULT POS terminal continues to operate independently without relying on the network to process transactions. Unlike competing systems, RegisterGuard insures that mission-critical POS functionality continues to operate as normal, even when your network has stopped functioning. Price promotions will start and end as scheduled. Item lookups, customer lookups, house charges, house payments and even credit, debit, and EBT continue to function with little or no restrictions. Once the network and POS terminals are restored the system automatically updates the system server. RegisterGuard is fully automatic, requiring no scheduled item file preparation.






Because of the consistent and intuitive User Interface (UI) found with all CATAPUL T applications and because each POS terminal screen is completely customizable to fit specific store, department, or cashier needs – training can be completed in a matter of minutes. This is a great benefit during peak times, such as Holiday seasons, when you need to hire additional help for a short period of time. You can even set POS screens for certain times of day to facilitate speedy checkouts and cashier ease-of-use. For example, you can create a screen for the morning hours with a pre-built menu key for coffee and a different screen for after-school hours with soda pre-set as a menu key. The possibilities are essentially endless, making both staff and customers happy. 



CATAPULT's flexibility is the key advantage to enhancing, expanding, and streamlining your retail operation. CATAPULT's interface is powered by our exclusive Function Generator technology to help you facilitate unlimited tenders, tax tables, discounts, preset item keys, menu keys, and a variety of other functions tailored to fit your operation. This exclusive feature provides you with the solutions your business needs today with the built-in adaptability you need to expand in the future.






Accurate POS item scans and correct inventory pricing are critical to your bottom-line and to customer satisfaction. In fact, nothing can turn a customer away faster than pricing errors. If store inventory prices are not being properly updated in accordance with supplier costs, then you are not only leaving profits on the table but actually losing money. ECRS works with you to ensure your CATAPULT database is accurate across the entire enterprise to avoid incorrect item scans, manual price or item entry at the POS, and pricing errors. This attention to detail will have a big impact on your bottom line.

  • Best-in-Class Scanner Technology
    • ECRS recommends and sells Datalogic® brand scanners and scanner/scales based on years of performance results. Non-scratch surfaces and high-performance fixed position scanning ensures fast, accurate scans for the most high-volume enterprises.
  • Database Build Team
    • Before your installation, ECRS is already hard at work to insure system success. Our Database team works with and you and your vendors to set up the enterprise database so everything is in place and ready for the first CATAPULT customer transaction.
  • Pre-Scan Services and Consulting
    • ECRS uses a third-party service to pre-scan all stores to ensure inventory accuracy before system installation. This is service is used in tandem with our in-house Database-build team. Optional consulting services are also offered as an extra step in achieving maximum system results. Implementing an enterprise system can be a daunting task when you have a business to keep running smoothly at the same time. ECRS consulting services simply help streamline the process and ensure everything is set-up to provide maximum ROI results.
  • ECRS Gateway automated price maintenance
    • The LogicSync powered ECRS Gateway price control service ensures that your shelf prices remain accurate long after the initial system installation to maximize your margins. LogicSync options include automatic price update prompts when invoice costs changes are detected, or if your supplier maintains your retail prices, LogicSync can prompt for price updates by detecting changes in suggested retails.





CATAPULT unites all of your store or multi-store operations creating a truly global solution. You no longer need one system for your pharmacy counter, a separate system for your fuel pumps, a loyalty marketing program, and a warehouse system. CATAPULT's unique globality provides all best-of-breed solutions in one software suite. This approach was created through years of research, development and customer feedback to make your life easier and your business run as smoothly as possible. With one system covering all enterprise management points, your data is more consistent and accurate, information is easier to retrieve, data is more secure, maintenance costs are reduced, training is simplified with the use of one consistent interface, there are fewer vendors to maintain, technical support calls are reduced, and you have one point of contact for your entire store system network.



  • Point-of-Sale
  • Back Office Management 
  • Real-Time Data Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Auto-Replenishment
  • Supply Chain Automation
  • Warehouse
  • Centralized Multi-Store Management
  • Fuel Pump Integration
  • Pharmacy System Integration
  • Customer Membership Management
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Gift Card
  • Electronic Payment Processing (EBT/WIC/Texas WIC/Credit/Debit/HSA/FSA/HRA)
  • A/R
  • Payroll Deduct
  • General Ledger
  • POS customer display advertising
  • Label Printing
  • Scale Integration/Fresh Foods Management
  • eCommerce
  • Price & Promotion Management