LMD Retail Systems

Catapult Dash


ECRS provides an exciting new way to view critical enterprise data with Catapult Dash™, Catapult's self-hosted business intelligence (BI) dashboard. Catapult Dash is included with every Catapult system at no additional cost and runs as a web application (via secure internet connection) to the Catapult software suite.

This intuitive, go anywhere executive BI dashboard gathers real-time information from your Catapult database and displays it as a variety of graphs and charts, as configured by the user, with extensive comparative capability. Whether you want to compare specific stores, departments, or items, your data will come alive with visually appealing intuitive graphics, called Widgets; providing access to your most critical data in an easy-to-read format. Most widgets allow you to drill from a broader to more narrow view, for example, from store level, to department level, to item level. You can even duplicate widgets creating your own specialized view into specific filtered data.

Catapult Dash joins ECRS's already extensive back office management suite providing the power you need to run your enterprise.









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